Residential Electrical Repairs/Troubleshooting


If you notice electrical outages in some rooms of your house, lights dimming, light switches or receptacles not working, smoke detectors chirping, then you need a licensed electrician experienced in troubleshooting, to find the cause of these problems and repair them right away.

These common issues can cause further damage and compromise safety if not repaired.

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Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Adding new electrical appliances, hot tub or central air conditioning, or are the breakers of your electrical panel tripping frequently? You may need to replace or upgrade your electrical panel. Call Hurley Electric for a consultation with cost effective solutions.

Fuses to Breakers

Many years ago, houses were wired into a fuse box and as a safety measure, the fuse would “blow” to prevent a circuit from overloading, heating up causing a potential fire risk. Technology has greatly improved since then, and the new code requires circuit breaker panels which provide more safety. If you still have fuses, Call Hurley Electric to discuss the conversion to breakers and bring your system up to code.

Knob and Tube Wiring

If your home was built prior to 1950, it is likely your house is wired with what is known as knob and tubing wiring. This is cloth insulated wiring. As it ages, it dries out and deteriorates exposing the bare wire, which could cause the possibility of shocks and even worse fires. This wire has earned the nickname in the field as “fire wire”. Grounding of the electrical service is paramount for safety however the knob and tubing system does not have a grounding system. Property insurance companies are now inspecting the wiring of older homes and will require a licensed electrician to update the wiring to code to continue coverage. Hurley Electric provides electrical inspections to assess old wiring and will replace it with new wiring and bring your system up today’s standards as required to ensure safety.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting is not only essential to illuminate the interior of your house; it has now become a decorative element. Along with functionality, various types of ambient lighting can create specific moods, effects and environment to each room of your house. By simply replacing outdated light fixtures with a more modern style, you could transform your living space into a whole new atmosphere and a fresh new look. Hurley Electric’s trained lighting specialists have the knowledge and experience to partner with you to achieve the designer lighting effect in your room, house or landscape. Calculations will be made to determine the appropriate number of fixtures and wattage required to produce the desirable illumination to fit your need.

Hurley Electric, lighting specialists are available for consultation for recommendations various lighting solutions to meet your personal style.

Exterior/Parking Lot and Security Lighting

Exterior lighting is essential for safety but also enhances the beauty of your property. Bucket truck services are available to provide new parking lot lighting and repair, security lighting. We can also explore the benefits of automatic sensors, motion detector lighting, time clock lighting controls and landscape lighting.
During the holidays, save yourself some work and let Hurley Electric install and hang those exterior Christmas lights while you take care of decorating the tree.

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